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"As an ozone therapy practitioner (though no longer seeing new patients), I have played around with and sold several brands of ozonated olive oil over the last 10 years. All of them were beneficial. However when I came across Medcare, I knew I had arrived. It was considerably dearer than the other brands, and I can and will gladly recommend customers where to go if they want to buy a cheaper product which will be reasonably effective. But the reason why I switched brands was simply because Medcare outshone all the others by a mile. This is because it is made using a unique and exceptionally high output industrial ozone generators, designed and patented by the manufacturers. I believed that the extra cost is worth it, and if you have previously tried another ozonated olive oil, you will too. Medcare is also far more practical than the other brands (though this was not the primary motivation why we switched) as it does not require refrigeration."
Mark Lester - The Finchley Clinic

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Ozonated Olive Oil by MedCare 100ml Dermozone MedCare
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What is Ozonated Olive Oil?

When ozone is bubbled through extra virgin olive oil continuously for at least 2 weeks, the olive oil gels into a paste or salve, holding the ozone in suspension, yet without the olive oil being oxidized. This gel is Ozonated Olive oil, and it has many therapeutic uses. It was originally described in the 400 page book "The Thereputical Applications of Hydrozone and Glycozone" by Dr Charles Marchand, and written over 100 years ago. We are not sure when the original book came out, but we have a re-print of what was already the 18th edition from 1904! In that edition, there was a price list at the back offering 4oz (120ml) Glycozone (Dr Marchands word for Ozonated Olive Oil) for $1 including shipping. This would have been around 25p based on the exchange rate at the time. Unfortunately we are unable to sell Ozonated Olive Oil quite as cheaply today!!

When used during massage, the ozonide enters the tissue and this has proven to be an effective treatment for many skin problems.

Technically speaking ozonated olive oil, does not contain ozone but an ozonide. In 1954, Dr. William Turska of Mist, Oregon, had ozonated olive oil tested at Texas A&M University. He discovered that this process created a long chain ozonide, with the formula C10H18O3.

Possible Uses of Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated Olive Oil may be helpful for bacteria and fungal infections of the skin such as : -

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What is the shelf life of Ozonated Olive Oil?

There is no expiry date for Ozonated Olive Oil. Dermozone Medcare does not require refrigeration, and this alone makes it far more practical to use than all other similar products we have come across.

MedCare Ingredients

* Natural extract from the kernel of the karite tree which contains an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids which promote healthy skin
** Natural emulsifier derived from olive oil


Use externally for oxygenation of tissue. Apply 2 to 3 times daily as needed by applying or massaging into the affected areas.